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For Affordability, Building  a Community & Safety 

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Proudly Living in 17+ Years in Ward#4

I am father, husband & entrepreneur. University graduate with a degree in commerce & a community champion. I have worked & experienced the Canadian manufacturing, financial sector & running my family owned small business since 2017. All while living in a wonderful neighborhood of West-End.    

Leadership Focused On Important Priorities 


Why am I Running for City Councillor?

My family and I have been fortunate to call Guelph, more specifically, Ward 4 home since September 2004. We love Guelph’s amazing beauty and friendly community. Living in Ward 4 for 17+ years, we have seen Guelph grow considerably in areas of demography, population and economically, all while being ranked #8 in Canada’s best small cities (source). We are proud to be Guelphites !

As a small business owner, everyday brings the opportunity to meet many different members of our beloved community. I enjoy getting to know and having a healthy conversation on issues that matter most to people and how it is impacting them and their families. I enjoy giving back to the community through various initiatives taken on by our family business to help and uplift the spirit of the community.My leadership focused on important priorities :

  • Property Taxes, Affordable housing

  • Road safety & public transportation

  • Infrastructure development

  • Communication & transparency

Let’s together we can make Guelph Even Better & Safer,

Don’t forget to get out and vote on 24th October, 2022.

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Housing affordability is a one of the key issue that we all are facing. this Includes property taxes, renting  & affordable housing projects.

public transportation & Road Safety

Public transportation is very important of our city. Many of our community members depend on it for their everyday commute.
Guelph is growing faster we most definitely need to improve our public transportation 

Road safety is another issue for all of us,  particularly for pedestrian, kids, & bikes. We need to develop much safe for those choosing other modes of transportation


We need a Ward Leadership that will put the community first. Staying connection for a healthy & engaging discussion about ward development.  .  

Communication & transparency

Communication & transparency is a key skills need for Leadership. Active updates, & staying connected with the ward is my community goal.


Guelph is beautiful city, with many things to offer for those visiting. We recently rated #8 as one of the Canada's best small city (Best Cities 2022)


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