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Hitesh Jagad

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When  you have nothing to lose, The sky's the Limit

Community Builder / Small Business Owner

Work for betterment of Community

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Proudly Living in 18+ Years In Guelph

I am father, husband & entrepreneur. University graduate with a degree in commerce & a community champion. I have worked & experienced the Canadian manufacturing, financial sector & running my family owned small business since 2017. All while living in a wonderful neighborhood of West-End.    

Focused & Self-Motivated


Learn about me

I am proud resident of Guelph & have lived in this Ward for 18 years. I ran because I want to represent the priorities that matters most to Guelphities. Examples includes creating & funding more support for affordable housing projects, better alternatives to control properties taxes & manage rising renting cost. Throughout the 18 years of living in Ward 4, I have seen considerable growth in road safety, in traffic & carbon emissions. With this, I want to advocate better road safety; especially in residential areas, developing safer bike lanes & better establish our public transportation system. This will encourage people to seek a better alternative, reduce traffic & carbon emissions. I will continue to advocate for more green sustainable growth, ensuring overall well being of Ward 4 residents and making sure how the tax dollars are spent in the City budget while funding the projects.

While door knocking, I have experienced Ward 4 community has expressed their main concern not being informed about what is going in the Ward. I want to improve this barrier by creating better transparency & communication between Councillors and their constituents. I will implement yearly required reviews of Ward development & progress. Connecting with residence through door knocking (yearly) and provide update through social media and quarterly town halls meetings.

As a small business owner, everyday brings me the opportunity of getting to know many different kinds people within in our community. I enjoy getting to know and have healthy conversations on issues that matter most to people and how it is impacting them and their families. I am experienced and have good sense of understanding, hold the capability to have a healthy discussion on key issues that affect people and offer alternative solutions. I believe in continuous improvements and putting the community first. Seeing life’s ups & downs very closely, and am self motivated believing that opportunities are always presented.

 I am local entrepreneur,  community builder. Being elected by Ward 4 residence & representing them would be my privilege.My leadership focused on important priorities :

  • Property Taxes, Affordable housing

  • Road safety & public transportation

  • Mental health & Wellness

  • Infrastructure development

  • Communication & transparency

Let’s together we can make Guelph Even Better & Safer,

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Don’t forget to get out and vote on 24th October, 2022.



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