Key Issues

As a small business owner, everyday brings me the opportunity to meet with many different members of our beloved community. I enjoy getting to know and having a healthy conversation on issues that matter to people and how it is impacting them and their families.

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Residential Housing Complex
Residential Housing Complex


My priority is to advocate and support affordable housing projects and finding alternative ways instead of increasing in property taxes. We need to put Guelph resident and its future residents first. Guelph is growing, exceptionally faster than we think, but our development must be sustainable to support the needs of current residents and future residents. We need to have affordable housing projects instead of building homes that are increasingly becoming unaffordable.

Housing affordability is a one of the key issues that we all are facing, this includes rise of property taxes and rents. With elimination of exclusionary zoning, where only a parcel of land can zoned a one thing can now be zoned as mixed use development. This kind of development can help the address the cost as property as being used for multiple purposes. There are many examples in the city where mixed use zoning has been used. Take for example the apartment on McDonnell & Woolwich where zoning has been allocated to restaurants, offices and residential dwellings.


With many new projects coming to Guelph it is important to note over all cost of ownership for that home. Recent construction on apartments and their maintenance fees have become astronomically high. This includes mortgage payment and monthly maintenance fees. Some amount for maintenance fees are in the $400-$800 range. We should introduce maximum monthly maintenance fees.


We need to prioritize projects are most needed and are affordable. projects should follow a strict deadline when it needs to be completed otherwise the cost of delays will continue to increase and place the burden on taxpayer. Therefore, developing accountability in funding these projects will inspire trust and reliability where tax dollars are spent. Our development must be sustainable to support the needs of current residents and future residents. We need to have affordable housing projects instead of building homes that are increasingly becoming unaffordable.


Public Transportation

My focus is on building reliable and affordable public transportation that encourage Guelph residents to use public transportation. Let’s think out of the box and check out the biggest reasons why!

For a growing city public transportation is very important and a call for improved transit is needed. Many community members depend on it for their everyday commuting. While gas prices are on the rise, some people may not able to afford such prices. These prices might encourage someone to look at other options. By encouraging people to use public transportation in their commutes, not only does it provide environmental benefits (like a lower carbon footprint) but also reduces traffic congestion.

The West End of Guelph, which includes Ward 4, includes a large industrial belt and many Guelph and those living in KWC commute to this large industrial belt. Having Inter-Regional Public would help to reduce traffic congestion on Highway 7 and the Industrial belt. Moreover, we are seeing an increase in international students who do not have access to a car and many of them are required to commute by bus to Conestoga or the University of Guelph. This also applies for residents that would like to upgrade their educational credentials.

Bus in city

Road Safety

I will be your voice on Road & Streets safety, here my biggest concerns on Road Safety.

​Road safety is another issue for all of us, particularly for pedestrian, kids, & bikes. We need to develop much safer zone for those choosing alternate modes of transportation.

As we are growing, its also means that we are seeing a large increase in everyday traffic and large increase in commercial vehicles. This should tell us we need to start reconsidering our roads in Ward 4. Ward 4, has seen a large increase in car and commercial vehicle traffic due to many new developments.

While canvassing, I met with Ward 4 residents and many voiced their concerns on speed control, children safety, and also biking and cycling. Residential streets should be required to have sidewalks on all sides, and bike lanes to make getting around much easier. Building proper road infrastructure with narrower lanes, and proper bike lanes (those that are clearly visible) should help with many concerns of child safety and reduce speeding. Moreover, Ward 4 needs to have bike and walking friendly access to parks, recreational facilities, and in commercial areas.

Mental Health & Wellness

Mental health & addictions prevention's services are not being met. During pandemic, I, as local entrepreneur took the initiative to do food donations to various locals charities that work with the homeless population and I recognized the lack of support and capacity of care related to addiction prevention & mental health services.

As I live in this ward for 18+ years now, and totally disappointed with the fact that mental health & medical services in the ward are lacking, while there are many dentistry’s in the ward, we do not have access to social or mental health services, nor a walk-in clinic. Many residence have to drive to other ends of the city to find these services. I advocate on bringing access to these services and mentioning them during council meetings.

Supportive Friend

Communication & Transperancy

While door knocking, I have seen many different responses some are angry, some are upsets & others did not want to talk. People have expressed their main concern not being informed about what is going in the Ward. I want to improve this barrier by creating better transparency & communication between Councillors and their constituents.  I want to be the change for Ward 4 as voting means change.


I will implement yearly required reviews of Ward development & progress. Connecting with residence through door knocking (yearly) and provide update through social media and quarterly town halls meeting with my constituents.


Being experienced in having many healthy discussions with local community members connecting with them is key in understanding their concerns. Door knocking, social media & hosting town hall meetings will improve the communication & transparency barrier that currently exists. Its all about action & less talking. Voting for me means an actively focused leadership of Ward 4.

Group Lecture
Poor Kids Laughing


No one is born homeless, lets together create a home for homeless where they not left alone.

Through out the various charities I have collaborated with in the pandemic, I have noticed, the lack of funding and social services to those that are homeless. One way to decrease homelessness within the city is to provide support with properly funded mental health, addiction prevention & social housing. With all three being properly funded people a part of the program can meet with social worker who can provide ideas or advice of what they can do next, they will have chance to improve their education find stable employment and recover safely knowing their future will change. Same time we also have think about growing number of child homelessness.

Tourism & Festivals

Guelph is beautiful city, with many things to offer for those visiting. We recently rated #8 as one of the Canada's best small city (Best Cities 2022)

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