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Let me introduce myself, my family & background.

Proudly 18+ years living in Ward-4.

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Meet me & my family

I migrated to Canada in September, 2004 with my wife Kirtida and 4 year old son, Krutarth, to start new journey in  Canada. My family & I are originally from Bardoli, Dist. Surat, Gujarat, India. Bardoli is very similar to Guelph in size and Character.

Presently, I manage and work at my family’s local, small business Kirtida Kitchen, which is proudly owned by my wife, Kirtida.

I hold a university degree in Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) and I am a multi-tasked professional with excellent knowledge of sales, marketing, administration & management. My back home work experience includes working as an administrative manager at a water purification company & managing a honda car dealership.

Before migrating to Canada, my wife Kirtida was a teacher in a higher secondary school and taught commerce to Grade 11 & 12. My son Krutarth is working towards his degree in Political Science from Wilfred Laurier University, and My daughter Dhwani is in Grade 5 in a French immersion school.

After migrating to Canada, we experienced a whole new world and explored many new things. During my career path in Guelph, I had worked in manufacturing sector and as home financing advisor, I also attended Conestoga College and Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals to upgrade my educational credential for better career prospects.


About my family in India

My mother was a teacher in primary school for 30+ years & retired as a principal. My father run our family-owned small business.  My elder sister was teacher in primary school & she loosed here life after courageous battle with cancer. My elder brother has his own sweetened yogurt small business. My family in Bardoli is well known for their community dedication. I am the only member of our family who lives in Canada

Lifted Community Spirit During COVID-19 Pandemic

Me & my wife Kirtida, opened up our small business Kirtida Kitchen, in December 2017, which was well-received & supported by Guelph's community. During the difficult times faced by many due to the COVID-19 pandemic, me and my wife Kirtida stepped up with giving back to community by doing food donations marathons to help those in-need. Our these efforts helped  and lifted the community's spirit, and many have followed suit in our giving back to the community mission and opening their door to help others.

To the date, through our small business we have donated about 10,000+ meals, also supported Guelph local teams like Guelph Storm & Guelph Night Hawk with sponsorship, organized a free public skates for the local community, ran a Backpack Drive and donated gift certificates to many fundraising events for local schools.

Achievements of our family owned small business :

Received the Covid-19 Community Hero Award from City of Guelph Mayor’s Office, 2020
Received the Local Love Award from United Way of Guelph, 2022
Received the Community Champion Award from The Guelph & District Multicultural Festival, 2022
Finalist for the Community Builder Award Guelph Chamber of Commerce Award of Excellence 2022
My wife Kirtida is honored with Women of Distinction by YMCA Three River, 2022

I believe in strong community building, work with responsibility & loves the diverse community culture of Guelph.

Connect with me

I am always open for feedback from our community, if you have any question or concerns please do not hesitate get in touch with me.

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