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For Affordability, Building  a Community & Safety 

Let's Make Guelph Even Better & Safer

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Proudly Living in 18+ Years In Guelph

I am father, husband & entrepreneur. University graduate with a degree in commerce & a community champion. I have worked & experienced the Canadian manufacturing, financial sector & running my family owned small business since 2017. All while living in a wonderful neighborhood of West-End.    

Leadership Focused On Important Priorities 


Learn about me

I am proud resident of Guelph & have lived in this Ward for 18 years. I am running because I want to represent the priorities that matters most to Guelphities. Examples includes creating & funding more support for affordable housing projects, better alternatives to control properties taxes & manage rising renting cost. Throughout the 18 years of living in Ward 4, I have seen considerable growth in road safety, in traffic & carbon emissions. With this, I want to advocate better road safety; especially in residential areas, developing safer bike lanes & better establish our public transportation system. This will encourage people to seek a better alternative, reduce traffic & carbon emissions. I will continue to advocate for more green sustainable growth, ensuring overall well being of Ward 4 residents and making sure how the tax dollars are spent in the City budget while funding the projects.

While door knocking, I have experienced Ward 4 community has expressed their main concern not being informed about what is going in the Ward. I want to improve this barrier by creating better transparency & communication between Councillors and their constituents. I will implement yearly required reviews of Ward development & progress. Connecting with residence through door knocking (yearly) and provide update through social media and quarterly town halls meetings.

As a small business owner, everyday brings me the opportunity of getting to know many different kinds people within in our community. I enjoy getting to know and have healthy conversations on issues that matter most to people and how it is impacting them and their families. I am experienced and have good sense of understanding, hold the capability to have a healthy discussion on key issues that affect people and offer alternative solutions. I believe in continuous improvements and putting the community first. Seeing life’s ups & downs very closely, and am self motivated believing that opportunities are always presented.

 I am local entrepreneur,  community builder. Being elected by Ward 4 residence & representing them would be my privilege.My leadership focused on important priorities :

  • Property Taxes, Affordable housing

  • Road safety & public transportation

  • Mental health & Wellness

  • Infrastructure development

  • Communication & transparency

Let’s together we can make Guelph Even Better & Safer,

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Don’t forget to get out and vote on 24th October, 2022.

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My priority is to advocate and support affordable housing projects and finding alternative ways instead of increasing in property taxes. We need to put Guelph resident and its future residents first.

public transportation & Road Safety

Public transportation is very important of our city. Many of our community members depend on it for their everyday commute.
Guelph is growing faster we most definitely need to improve our public transportation 

Road safety is another issue for all of us,  particularly for pedestrian, kids, & bikes. We need to develop much safe for those choosing other modes of transportation


We need a Ward Leadership that will put the community first. Staying connection for a healthy & engaging discussion about ward development.  .  

Communication & transparency

Communication & transparency is a key skills need for Leadership. Active updates, & staying connected with the ward is my community goal.


Guelph is beautiful city, with many things to offer for those visiting. We recently rated #8 as one of the Canada's best small city (Best Cities 2022)


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