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Let's Talk with Hitesh Jagad

Let's Talk

Walk-In Clinic, Medical Services, Mental Health & Wellness

Ward 4 population is more then 16,000+

Questions : Does the Ward have Walk-in Clinic..? No Does the Ward have accessible mental health, wellness & social services..? No

During my door-knocking, had an opportunity to visit "Westwood Pharmacy" which is own by Mr. Ashok,. In his words, he actively trying 7+ years to have walk-in clinic in west-end of the #Guelph, He has full furnished clinic ready and paying rent for this clinic space for 7+ years as well. He try is his level best to reach & connect with all local government support.

As I live in this ward for 18+ years now, and totally disappointed with the fact that medical services in the ward are lacking. While there are many dentistry’s in the ward, but we do not have access to social or mental health services, nor a walk-in clinic. Many residence have to drive to other ends of the city to find these services. I plan on bringing access to these services and mentioning them during council meetings.

Share your thoughts with me, I love to welcome healthy conversation with Ward to learn more about their concern.

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